My Services

Easily approachable and ready to help. Serge is always looking for ways to improve himself and services he offers clients. This makes the difference !

magic happens

When experiments line up with goals, magic happens. The right formula is a combination of the right ingredients, attitude and approach.

galactic experience

We live in a busy world, where we often are preoccupied with past and future experiences. The 'now' is very important as well as time and space. Consider me as your sales representative if you like the non pressure sales approach.

winning attitude

Goal oriented, open minded and continuous improvements. I like results and I also like stretching the limits. My open mindedness keeps me trying new things and looking for ways to improve.

Pieces of me


Years of Experience

7 Years of finance background and 8 years of sales experience as a car salesman.


Delighted Clients

Well over 1,000 satisfied clients and counting.


Degree countdown

11 courses and counting until Serge gets his degree.


Spoken Languages

My mother tongue is French, I grew up speaking English and intermediate in Brazilian Portuguese since 2009.

About Serge

My friends and clients know that I'm passionate about Volkswagen.  I've visited two major VW factories, Sao Paulo in 2009 and Wolfsburg in 2017. You'll likely find some VW paraphernalia around my desk !